Thursday, April 2, 2009

We do EXIST!

Hello, hello are you out there? This just seems to be the last thing on my list to do or even wants. :) I really enjoy it once I sit down, but getting me here in front of this computer is the trial.

Anyway, I don't even know where to begin so I will start with the most recent. The girls and I just returned home from a great week in Utah with the family. It is so great to be able to travel with my girls, though challenging. Also, to see my adorable nephews. These babies are so fun to watch grow. The personalities are so different and each make me laugh just watching what they do. Though it is always great to come home.
The trip was planned around a photo shoot of the babies. Six month shots, seven for Dhylan. We all take our babies to this photographer in Utah. She is amazing. However this photo shoot was much more challenging then expected.

This is how I imagined it going...

This is how it actually went...

My sweet little "Angel Baby" was not such an angel this day. Well actually the first picture was taken a few days later because she was so rotten and Skye was so gracious as to let us come back before we headed home. Thanks to that we got some great solo shots. I wish I was lucky enough to have pics. like these for all my girls when they were babies.
We really didn't even get to get good photo of all of my kids together, we were lucky to get what we did. Oh well, maybe later huh Lis? :)
Thanks to Nat for getting me lined up with the photographer and always making sure I make the time for making these memories.
Well we are home now and back to "normal" life. Kendahl and Payton are doing great at dance. It is definitely one of the highlights of my week to watch them learn and achieve the goals that are set. Payton finally is getting "hop-step" or skipping. SOOO HARD to learn for my little 3 yr. old. However, she can not only write her name, but everyone in the family, (with verbal help from mom). It amazes me how much they learn from just observing their surroundings.
Kendahl is almost graduated from Pre-School and preparing for kindergarten. I have to put on that brave face for her, though I am scared to death.
We also recently put our home on the market. I know what the HELL are we thinking? I would like to get into a different house before K starts kindergarten so we will see what happens. So to all of you, if you know anyone send them our way. Thanks! That is about it. Work is crazy busy for Bradon and the rest just falls where it may. Raising a family, work, trying to find time for relaxing or just sitting on our butts doing nothing. Tiring as it may seem I love it all.
Well that is all I have time for now. Sorry to cut it short, family is home and baby is waking up. Love ya...Late! Enjoy the pics.